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Caliguri Heating & Cooling provides residential HVAC and commercial HVAC services from our location in the Cincinnati, Ohio area. Our team is incredibly experienced with installations, repairs, maintenance, tune-ups and more. Our customers require incredible service and reliable equipment, both of which are traditional Caliguri business hallmarks, not to mention reasonable prices. Caliguri’s goal is to offer each of our customers the highest level of product and service quality with an unparalleled experience.

Residential HVAC Services: Our residential heating and cooling services cover air cleaners, AC/air conditioning, air handlers, dehumidifiers, evaporator coils, furnaces, heating & cooling systems, high-efficiency heat pumps, thermostats, UV air purifiers, ventilators, zoning, and more.

Commercial HVAC Services: Our commercial heating and cooling services cover chillers, water source equipment, air handlers & condensers, cooling towers, evaporative condensers, thermal storage equipment, pumps, exhaust fans & make up air systems, controls & building automation, environmental chambers, MRI chillers, walk-ins & freezers, and ice machines.

HVAC Supplier-Partner: Caliguri Heating & Cooling partners with Daikin, a global HVAC&R supplier. Learn more about their products at

Service Area: We work from our headquarters in the Cincinnati, Ohio metro area, but we serve customers in the tri-state area (Ohio, Kentucky and Indiana). To learn more, go to our Service Area page.

Financing: Caliguri Heating & Cooling partnered with EnerBank USA to help our customers finance home projects. To learn more, go to our Financing page.

Ready to Help: We’re ready to assist you with your residential or commercial HVAC system to ensure you stay as warm or cool as you choose. Contact us today for an estimate or for an appointment.